Work Health and Safety

Seminar on Work Health and Safety

The laws governing work health and safety (WHS) in workplaces can seem overwhelming. Under Australian WHS laws, businesses must ensure the health and safety of team members and we help you uphold that duty of care. Our HR consulting services will guide you through what these laws require of you as an employer or business owner in the simplest terms possible.


In summary, work health and safety (WHS) involves the management of risks to the health and safety of everyone in your workplace. This includes the health and safety of anyone who does work for you as well as your clients, contractors, visitors, and suppliers. Setting up safe practices and implementing appropriate safety protocols can be costly and time-consuming to begin with, however with the appropriate HR advice, you can meet your obligations in an effective way without having to interpret the WHS laws.

That’s where we come in, HR Expertise provides HR consulting advice on legislative framework to ensure the safety of your teams in the workplace whilst fostering best practice employee wellbeing. We can provide information, training, instruction, or supervision needed for the safety of your team members. At HR Expertise, we can also help you clearly understand your duties and obligations in order to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


Our highly skilled HR consultants can help you adhere to the WHS regulations for specific types of work such as hazardous work, construction work, and hazardous chemicals. In current times, we can also help with COVID-19 work health and safety guidelines for your workplaces. If you need help with Work Health and Safety for your business, then contact us for an initial obligation-free call to explore how we can help or send us an email at We would love to help you with your HR needs or answer any questions you might have for us.