HR Policy Templates

HR Policies & Letters Templates

Access some of the most common policies, forms and letters that you will require to operate your business effectively when you purchase one of our monthly packages. Our policies, forms and letters follow best practice guidelines and should require minimal changes to suit your business, industry or teams. If you need further tailoring, we will happily assist you adjust them.


You will need to purchase a monthly plan and contact us in order to have access to these HR policies, templates and letters. If you have any questions about our other HR policies, templates and letters, we will happily answer your questions.

HR Policies

Leave policy
The leave policy covers annual, personal, compassionate, domestic, long service, leave without pay, community service and public holidays leave.
Parental leave policy
The parental leave policy covers unpaid leave, paid parental leave and government funded leave.
Smoke, drug and alcohol policy

The smoke, drug and alcohol policy establishes parameters around smoking, alcohol and illicit substances including testing.

Discrimination, harassment and bullying policy

This policy outlines what is considered discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimization including what to do in each instances.

Social media, email and internet policy
This policy sets out parameters for social media, email and internet utilisation including clear guidelines.
Working from home policy

This policy establishes the responsibilities of team members when working from home and guidelines that are applicable.

Work health and safety policy

This policy details the duty of care for team members, and the responsibilities of managers and the WHS committee.

COVID-19 policy

The COVID-19 policy establishes measures to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 and how to uphold the health, safety and well-being of team members.

COVID-19 leave policy

This policy outlines leave types accessible to team members in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HR Templates

Performance improvement plan

A tool that addresses failures to meet specific job goals and or to ameliorate behaviour-related concerns.

Personal development plan

A tool to help leaders and team members identify areas for improvement, set goals, measure progress, and outline a strategy to achieve those objectives.

Reference check

Reference checks can help you verify the claims made by applicants in their interview and help you make more informed hiring decisions.

Hazard & incident identification

Use this hazard/incident form to help your team members report health and safety hazards and incidents.

Statement of service

This statement of service template will help provide a team member with an accurate record of their employment with your company.

Induction checklist

This checklist provides a guide to the activities you must complete during your induction period.

Exit interview

Find out why a team member is leaving and learn about their time at the company. Capture their feedback with this template.

HR Letters

Acceptance of resignation

This letter formally acknowledges the acceptance of resignation from a team member and initiates termination by resignation.

Stand down

This letter outlines the details of stand down provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst adhering to the Fair Work Act.

Notice of performance meeting

This letter formally requests a team member to attend a meeting either for performance and or behavioral reasons.

Probation completion

This letter confirms the successful completion of a team member’s probationary period.