Tips for Hiring The Best HR Consulting Services in Australia

Tips for Hiring The Best HR Consulting Services in Australia - HR Expertise

Human Resources (HR) issues can be challenging and difficult to navigate even for the most experienced business owners and leaders. Nonetheless, even the most complex HR matters can be resolved with the appropriate HR Consulting Services in Australia which will provide the necessary expertise and solutions.


Keep reading if you currently have a need for HR Consulting services but aren’t quite sure what to look for and where to start. Furthermore, you might be experiencing people related challenges and are not able to resolve these complicated people matters on your own, then hiring a HR Consulting firm might be the right solution.


There comes a time in each company’s journey, where the need for HR expertise becomes critical and the question posed whether HR Consulting services will be appropriate. There are various reasons why companies choose to resort to partnering with a HR Consultant, it could be to help with attracting high calibre candidates, resolving underperformance, helping with WH&S compliance, Fair Work representation or for assistance with workers’ compensation to list a few reasons.


It is important to note that fit and skillset of your HR Consultant will be critical to reducing any disruptions to your business and achieving a positive outcome. Hopefully this article will help you define the scope of services you require and step you through how to select the most appropriate HR Consulting firm to suit you and your business.


The ideal starting point is to clearly identify and define your HR needs and establishing how a Consulting firm might be of assistance. Have a clear brief in mind and be prepared to articulate ‘What success will look like to you’.


Selecting the best suited HR Consultant can be daunting but by keeping the steps below in mind, it is easier to make the right selection.


1. Define the objectives of the services required

Clearly outline what challenges you are experiencing and the opportunities you foresee; this will in turn help define the Consultant’s duties and assist both parties understand what is expected of them. Think of the end goal and work your way back to how the Consultant should be able to develop a solution to your problem or devise a plan to capitalise on the opportunity. Ensure that the Consultant you choose focuses on delivering your brief and not selling you a ready-to-use solution.


2. Are qualifications or specific experience required

Verifying the credentials of your preferred HR Consultant is critical, start by reviewing their work history, formal qualifications and previous reviews for work delivered. Then proceed to interview the best suited prospects and ask to check their references. Do not limit your checks to only qualification and experience, check on their adaptability, problem solving skills, innovative skills and influencing skills.


3. Working style and mutual fit

Although experience and qualifications are critical, fit is equally important to ensure the best possible outcomes. Nowadays, most HR Consultants will provide you with an initial free consultation to assess your needs and tell you more about their services, utilise that opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. Try to figure out the Consultant’s approach and style to establish whether it is the right fit for you and your business.


4. Reviews of previous work delivered

Review their service offering and ensure what they offer is playing to their strength. Consider the type of projects the HR Consultant has completed with previous clients like you and more importantly, what were the results? Review what previous clients have provided in the form of feedback for these projects.


5. Technical knowledge

The whole promise for hiring a HR Consultant or consulting firm is to access the know-how or expertise to resolve competency limitations you are experiencing in-house, therefore ensure that the Consultant you select has the expertise you need on the topic and evaluate their limitations.


6. Project management and deliverables

Explore the Consultant’s ability to deliver the project from start to finish and understand what the regular check-ins are, to maintain control on the project. Ask whether they will provide weekly or fortnightly updates with progress highlights including issues, challenges, and bottlenecks.



HR Consulting services in Australia is evolving, and more and more businesses are nowadays outsourcing their HR functions. However, there isn’t a one size fits all approach and each business has unique needs, challenges, opportunities and culture. Explore some of the recommendations listed above as a guide and they should hopefully assist you make an informed decision when selecting your next HR Consultant. The right HR Consultant will feel like part of your team and will enable you to achieve great results through your most important asset your people and in turn maximise your business’ ability to succeed.