Termination Mistakes to Avoid

Termination of Employment Mistakes

There is no doubt that more people are losing their jobs as companies are seeing the need for more layoffs. This is an unavoidable situation for many businesses, but there are ways to make this process a little less complicated whilst avoiding termination mistakes.


We are going to offer some advice that you may find useful when you are going through the process of terminating a business relationship with an employee.


Termination mistakes

There are some important mistakes that you need to avoid when you are dealing with a termination process. This is never easy for you as an employer or for the employee that is experiencing the termination, but your approach will make a world of a difference.


The following are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. They can create unnecessary friction or end the business relationship on a negative note. Those are outcomes you don’t want due to how they affect your business reputation.


No transparency

If there is one thing that makes employees feel insecure and anxious is to feel uncertain about their job. When someone is terminated, they should be given specific reasons for what is happening. This is not only good for the employees losing their jobs, but also for those who are still on the payroll.


The more transparent you are about the situation without breaching confidentiality, the more respect your employees will have for management. Not only that but there will be no room for speculation if you are open about the issues affecting the company.


Laying off the wrong people

This is also a very common mistake that we see all the time. Companies are getting rid of employees that offer more to the business than people that are keeping their jobs due to seniority.


You need to make sure that you are keeping people who are helping your business grow. This should always be the main reason that helps you decide who is more relevant and valuable to the company.


Showing no sensitivity to the issue

This may seem like something that is not relevant to many companies, but there is always a consequence to any action. If you are not showing any sensitivity about the issue of terminating someone from a job, you will find that over time your reputation as a business will start to suffer due to this issue and it will impact your recruitment efforts.


Not offering any kind of help

You should do what you can in order to help terminated employees find new jobs. Let them know you would be happy to recommend them for positions in other companies. This would not apply to someone who is terminated due to poor performance and or behaviours, but it is certainly a good idea when the reason is due to a lack of budget.


Let them know you are happy to help them transition to another job and that you are grateful for all the work they did for the company. Something as simple as being thankful is going to prove to be an excellent way to make someone feel appreciated. You never want to burn bridges with former employees, even if you have no plans to hire them again.


Final thoughts

Termination is never a simple process, and you always need to consider many aspects of this situation. The goal should always be to do this as amicably as possible, and this is going to help your business reputation remain intact.


Given that times are quite uncertain, it is important to be prepared for any sudden cuts in personnel. Keep the tips we mentioned in mind, and you will achieve much better results even when the circumstances seem difficult.


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