Employment Conditions

Agreeing over Employment conditions

Employment Conditions

Employment conditions and remuneration are affected by various broader conditions including applicable awards setting out wage rates and conditions for industries or by the Fair Work Commission adjusting minimum wages.


Employment conditions including minimum terms and conditions can vary depending on the type of employment. Team members can be engaged in a full-time, part-time, or casual capacity, and employers and business owners have the responsibility of ensuring that entitlements and conditions (such as loadings, leave, or allowances) are appropriately identified and calculated for their team members.


At HR Expertise, our experienced HR consultants provide advice on the legal requirements of employment contracts, relevant applicable awards, probationary and qualifying period, and the 11 minimum employment entitlements under the national employment standards (NES).

The rules about what team members are entitled to can be complex and are set out in multiple places such as an award, registered agreement, or an employment contract. Team members’ minimum entitlements are set out in the National Employment Standards (NES) and awards, a registered agreement or employment contract cannot provide for less than what’s in the NES or the applicable award.


Our HR consulting services simplifies what can be a complex process into an easy-to-follow process and guide our clients through establishing agreements between them as an employer and a team member, outlining confidentiality, privacy, non-compete and post-employment restraints.


Furthermore, our HR consulting services can help with drafting and reviewing other legal documents such as enterprise agreements and undertake a better off overall test (BOOT) for proposed enterprise agreements. We can help you ensure that you meet your legal obligations for employment conditions. If you need assistance, then give us an obligation-free call to explore how we can help or send us an email at info@hrexpertise.com.au. We would love to help you or answer any questions you might have.